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Wednesday, August 26 @ 3:30 PM

Enhancing Pedagogical Impact Through Voice and Movement
Elizabeth Parks, LSSU Assistant Professor, Theater Department
Abstract: Teaching digitally has forced us into a conversation with our webcam. The camera doesn’t lie. Our verbal and nonverbal communication doesn’t lie. In this workshop we will explore vocal and physical strategies for maximizing our impact in the classroom through personal vocal and physical engagement. By exploring the psycho/social/physio-vocal training methodologies of Lessac Kinesensic Training and Margolis Method we will explore ways to make your digital teaching more effective and teaching in-person with a mask more effective. We will explore ways to strengthen your vocal prowess and ways to cultivate physical energy whether in an online format or an in-person format. Ultimately, energy is energy is energy and we will explore how energy is manifested in the classroom, in the teacher, and in the student in order for the teacher to craft the best experience for the student to maximize teaching and learning. 

Using Starpoint Activities in Online Chat as a Method of Engaging Students
Nadun Kulasekera Mudiyanselage, MTU Mathematics Department, Co-Presented with Jacob Blazejewski
Abstract: This past academic year two MTU graduate teaching instructors set out to improve student engagement through Canvas’ integrated online chat forum: Piazza.  We aimed to develop robust activities that helped build community among students and increase contact with the instructor beyond the stereotypical “post three observations from your reading and comment on two other observations.” These activities were graded using a simple ‘star points’ rubric and student’s participation counted as a portion of their final grade. We will share our rubric and demonstrate it live with an engagement activity.  Additionally, we will present data about the effectiveness and student’s perceptions of star points in Precalculus and Differential Equations from three in-person sections and two online sections. We hope attendees will be inspired to use our easily adaptable activities within their own courses of any subject area.


Wednesday, August 26, 2020
3:30pm - 5:00pm
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